UDS will respond to any questions, concerns or requests for additional information.
If there is an interest in becoming an associate, then UDS may provide a confidentiality agreement requirement for the associate to commit to.

UDS would then provide some test scenarios. UDS would send a simple test scenario
for users to process through UDS Federal program with step-by-step images of what should
be program output. This generates a "feel" for the program and can provide UDS feedback
if any user-interface seems confusing or there are suggestions for improvements.
After completion, UDS will provide several other test scenarios in increasing complexity.

Once completed, UDS will direct the associate to the selected state revenue agency to
downlaod selected files to the associates computer. In a step-by-step process, using UDS
proprietary utility programs, the associate will create a series of state tax return
processes that ulimately result in the desired state tax return module. here to contact UDS