UDS, one of three original companies, had been an IRS e-file Partner since 1998.
The IRS discontinued the IRS-Partnership program several years ago and focused
entirely on promoting the Free File Alliance. This has elliminated UDS Federal
advertising; but also it has been liberating for UDS in that UDS is no longer
constrained by IRS policy dictakes. UDS is now focusing on supporting state
tax return capabilities for advertising. UDS associates would have control over
UDS product offering for the state(s) they support. UDS Federal return program
is the basis for all the state tax return modules and is part of the associates
assets, along with their state module. The associate determines how income is
generated from taxpayers using UDS services.
(NOTE: UDS associates not only have the Federal return program and their selected
states as assets; they also have available other state return modules where the taxpayer
resides in their selected state(s). In practice, this means taxpayers filing a non-resident
tax return to some other state.)