There are no charges. While the IRS-Industry partnership program was in effect and
with the start-up of the IRS-sponsored Free-File Alliance, UDS wanted to offer its
preparation and efle services without charge. However, IRS policy dictakes that
companies participating in the IRS-Industry Partnership were not allowed to offer a
totally-free service. The IRS did not allow being listed on the IRS Partners Page if
the Participant offers both free tax preparation and free e-filing. Apparently the IRS
wanted to restrict free offerings just to the Free-File Alliance. The Free-File Alliance,
on the other hand, places significant financial barriers ($20,000 six years ago) to
Participants who want to join. Sort of a catch-22. The IRS discontinued the IRS-Industry
Partnership and shifted its promotional activity entirely to the Free-File Alliance. This
has elliminated UDS Federal advertising; but also it has been liberating in that UDS is
no longer constrained by IRS policy dictakes. Consequently UDS now offers its preparation
and efle services without charge. From year-to-year, this policy will continue. The only
instance where a fee is involved is a charge of $5.00 for a taxpayer to migrate a previous
years UDS tax return to the current tax year. The migration would populate a taxpayers
current-year tax return with a taxpayer's previous years UDS tax return which is
automatically updated to reflect current tax-year tax-code changes. If a taxpayer chooses
not to migrate a previous years tax return, then the taxpayer just continues with UDS free
preparation and efiling service.